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PADI Open Water Dive Course 3/3
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You got it, down to the boat for 8 to be sped out by our ADHD boat driver that hammered it past the other dive boats, causing them unwanted wake. There was a ton of exercises that they had not done with us, like how to breathe through a free flowing regulator, emergency ascent, how to use a compass, what low air feels like. V hadn’t even taken her mask off underwater, which she was quite happy about. So V&J kept quiet and hoped that all this stuff wouldn’t crop up while they were diving. Safety first! So, Fun Dive Time! Our instructor had gone off with another group so we had two other guys looking after us. The usual formation while diving, with this dive school anyway, was to have the instructor at the front V&J next to each other behind and the training dive master bringing up the rear. This is how the dive started but as we swam around exploring our underwater world V&J found themselves at the back. The instructor was slightly surprised when he turned around to see his trainee dive master smiling back at him. V&J then watched him receive a bollocking underwater via lots of bubbles and hand signals. Didn’t quite have the same effect. That said, Octopus Dive School were very good at looking after you and we always had one on one attention in the water. Unlike other schools that had 3:1 and lost students (Aquantis).

V would probably have wondered the same if she had managed to make this dive. On the way down she got, what we in the dive community like to call, a “squeeze”. Which is basically where you can’t equalise, tried for a while to clear it but nothing seemed to work. See Ya!

J managed to spot a tiny funky fish on this dive, about as big as a thumb nail. It was so small and round that you couldn’t even see how it was managing to move. It was black with yellow spots and zipped around as if by magic. J immediately decided that this was to be his favourite fish. It turned out it was the baby version of another fish we keep seeing. The adult version is similar in colour, triangular in shape and rock solid.

After completing our last dive neither V nor J was ready to finish. They wanted to explore more of this underwater playground. It was getting better and better, probably as their skill level was getting higher. J decided it was like being on the moon you have your space suit, and less gravity but with a wealth of ‘Prototype’ fish to examine. Prototype because they all seemed to have pimped themselves in crazy ways. They weren’t the standard design. Yes bird lovers AND fish lovers now. We are officially the most boring couple in the world. Although The Holy Quail are bringing up the rear quite nicely.

So we decided to go and do the advanced course as well. This involved picking five ‘Adventure Dives’ out of a possible 12(ish). So 8 am tomorrow again.

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