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PADI Open Water Dive Course Taganga 1/3

So 8am we were eating Yoghurt for breakfast and shoving on wet suits. We were then marched down to the dive boat. As we hammered it across the sea a Colombian man was shouting an explanation of what everything did and was called. V&J hoped this wasn’t important because they couldn’t really hear him, how wrong can it go?

Kicked out at a beach in shallow water, strapped all our gear on and took our first dive down to 5 meters. V&J were both pleasantly surprised when V didn’t freak out. Sitting on the bottom we performed simple exercises and were forced to high five and fist pump their Instructor after every breath. J was even starting to think about not breathing so he didn’t have to look like such a gay. Simple tasks complete there was then a break for a snack and to let everyone replace oxygen tanks and recover before the next dive.

The first dive provided poor visibility and the second was even more disappointing, we could hardly see a meter. V freaked out slightly as they descended 10 meters but once coaxed down by the attentive highly excited instructor all thoughts of fear were lost in the cloudy water. Swimming around we were careful not to stray too far from each other. Although the visibility was terrible our instructor still managed to find a ton of cool stuff. We played with plants that disappeared when you moved near them, saw a load of interesting fish and some kind of weird sea spider.

Back on shore an almost fully recovered J woofed down a late lunch. V spent the rest of the day relaxing while J spent the rest of the day snoozing.

  1. Ian (Reply) on Thursday-19, 2010

    What did you say when the PADI instructors asked if you had been diving before? haha

    Six and a half days left huh? bummer.

  2. Pete (Reply) on Wednesday-25, 2010

    Hello , I just read your blog about your diving course adn i am heading to Taganga in a few days. Which schoo do you recommend for the Open Water course and also the Advanced.
    Thanks for your help


    • V & J (Reply) on Thursday-26, 2010

      Hi Pete

      You should definitely go with Octopus. They are the most fun yet get the job done. I would ask for the French instructor Stephen who speaks perfect English, he is really good. Hope you have fun its awesome.

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