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Party Time In Medellin

Got up nice and early and bought the worlds cheapest bakery breakfast. Either this is a crazily cheap town or we have been completely ripped off throughout Colombia. More than likely the latter.

We dragged our bags to the bus and waited for a non existent bus to take us to Salento. This never came so we were forced to go via a flower shop, then two more changes in another two towns. For the most part of the journey, however, we enjoyed the company of a really friendly Colombian couple with their 5 year old son, who was determined to make us teach him English the whole way. Well, until he started vomiting in a bag and then passed out on his dad’s lap.

In Medellin we arrived to find Joe (from Argentina and Peru), Matt (windsurfing), and word from Jose (the 64yr old windsurfer that we met in Lago Calima). We emailed Jose back to arrange lunch for tomorrow. Then we did what we do best, particularly now V was feeling almost 100%. We went for a nice romantic meal in Hooters, with a snotty waitress who could tell we weren’t going to be ‘big spenders’. Then we got drunk till 4am in the Zona Rosa area (which is very posh and expensive) then couldn’t find way home so we grabbed a well-required burger and stumbled about until we bumped into some friends who led us back. We piled into our dorm, waking everyone up in a useless attempt to find the bottle of water and then slept until midday.

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