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The PADI Dive Video From Hell

J managed to surface today, still feeling sick but eating half portions of meals. V was still of the opinion that he was being a bit of a ‘pussy’ and dragged him round town.

Deciding that enough time has been lost V&J went around the dive centres looking for the best one. Octopus had been recommended and in the end was the only school they looked at, J couldn’t manage walking or talking anymore.

It was then straight into the video room to watch another ‘Hi I’m Troy Maclure’ video. We were subject to 3 hours of over explanation, terrible jokes and fake smiles. V&J could take it no longer and fast forwarded the hell out of it. “Why do people go diving? To meet new people, to have fun……” ……fast forward!!!!

Torture finally over they got dinner and an early night ready for diving at 8am tomorrow. J slightly worried about being sick 18 metres underwater and what might happen to him?

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