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This Is The End!

We are now in Miami (which J is determined to call LA) we didn’t really want to be here it was just prolonging the inevitable flight home. On the plus side V&J got a free breakfast that they didn’t know they were entitled to. Fruit loops like the good ole days in Nassau.

Took the airport shuttle back to Miami International with the plan to drop the bags and take another bus to a shopping mall nearby. However, after dropping the bags it transpired that the bus’s return journey wouldn’t get us back to the airport in time for the flight. So it was a nice relaxing lunch of salty cholesterol on a plate and V got to walk around looking at the shops wasting the last of their dollars on stuff.

More beers through at the departure gate set the mood for the flight. V was given the mission of spending the remaining dollars and actually failed. She felt like she had let herself down but resided to the fact that it has been a year and is just out of practise.

V&J were fashionably last on the flight and they literally shut the door behind them. We do want to come home-honest! We then disappointed a very sleepy passenger that probably thought he had the row to himself.

The Mac just informed J that it has not been backed up for 366 days (he did it the day before they left). This means we have been gone for exactly 365 days, 366 when we land. J’s a geek.

Not sure of what to make of our return to the UK. Excited, nervous, disappointed, anxious
J knows that V can’t sleep and has a stupid excited grin on her face, god only 4 more hours to go before he can hand her responsibility back to Baz.

Ingerrrland nah nah nah vindalooooooooo

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