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White Water Kayaking
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To V’s delight, J had organised some white water kayaking for today. Insistent that she was going to freak out and probably cry, he only booked her in for an hour, but he the whole day.

So after freaking out and crying, V decided to give it a miss, even though she was technically better than J (just not quite mentally prepared for this one!). J continued for another hour or so until lunch (leftover lasagne from yesterday) and then headed to the river for more ‘fun’. J was slightly unsure of this as he had two semi-successful Eskimo rolls under his belt and was now expected to perform on a grade 3 river, got to love Columbia. So, zero actual kayaking skills and a solo espanol instruction J took his life in his own hands and bobbed off down the river with his new, extremely well-stacked, hot, and slightly sweaty, instructor (can you tell J is writing this?) J did his best to stay upright, stay alive and not soil his kayak for the hour and a bit. The last hour the guide did his beast to actually get J to Eskimo roll. It was all in Spanish and somewhat confusing but some how made much more sense than the morning. It doesn’t look difficult but learning a skill sitting upside down in the dark unable to breath with gravity defying you, really is quite challenging. Still an hour later J had it down he was completely bashed in but had it down. He returned to V making him steak and chips and finally agreed with V that white water kayaking is quite geeky, particularly as he had to spend the day fake-smiling every time his instructor did a ‘trick’.

Windsurfing anyone?

For some strange reason we met up with the idiots again and played some drinking games, which made them a whole lot more tolerable. When one of the American girls started MC-ing V&J realised they required a truck load more booze. We all piled into a taxi and went to the nearest club a few miles away. V loved the salsa and merengue dancing all night, J not so much. Mainly because there were 15 sweaty Colombian men waiting their turn to dance with the gringo girl, and 1 fat Colombian girl taking a fancy to J.

The crowd of gringo’s we had come in with had their own take on salsa dancing, with half naked girls getting their boobs out and ‘sexy’ dancing on stage. I promise we’re not with them.

We staggered outside and caught a taxi home, ate the last of the lasagne and passed out.

  1. Ian (Reply) on Wednesday-11, 2010

    Sounds sweet mate! Its all good training for the ‘how many lengths of the pool you can do before you pass out’ game.

    • V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-11, 2010

      hahaha yeh it was. You know I got told the other day that you should only hyperventilate 3 times before you dive otherwise you have no C02 and so get no warning of when your about to run out off air and can just black out. But hey it works and the ‘how many lengths of the pool can you do before you pass out’ game hasn’t got any rules. (as far as i know).

  2. Ian (Reply) on Wednesday-11, 2010

    PS. What where the reasons for not staying in the Nant? Do you know if Mikey has had any luck finding anything?

    • V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-11, 2010

      mainly because we couldn’t cook, and I guess it would be nice to have a good pad from which to chill time to time.

      • Ian (Reply) on Wednesday-11, 2010

        Yes I suppose that is the big problem with the Nant, no cooking facilities. You have to make sure you find accommodation the nant side of town which is basically any place on the P or U bus route, that will make logistics a lot easier for going skiing and going out on nights.

        The Nant is on the Route de la plagne (road),right next to the Chemin des combes road (type in google to see location) If you could get a place on the route de la plagne, ideally near town that would be the best. The Main lift up the mountain is called the Super Morzine gonderler which is just off the Route de la Plagne, near to Morzine town centre.

        Prices massively vary depending on Location and size of the place. Make sure you pick our brains as we know Morzine well instantly be able to give advice on a place. Join all the Morzine Seasonaire facebook groups as there are often properties advertised on their.

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