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India is the best worst country ever. Everyday is a struggle because everything you do is an exhausting adventure. Expect it to take a day to book a train ticket or send some post and then hope its not longer. You can never be prepared for the filthy streets and the poverty you will see. Indian TV advertises cosmetics and toiletries and you wonder ‘Who the hell [...]


With just a 15 minute time difference from India it feels like a million miles away, but not. Step over the border and rickshaw men still shout out for your business but unlike their Indian counterparts they understand ‘no thank you’ (most of the time). The people are [...]


A tiny country at the height of cleanliness and a playground for expats. Everything just works. Tubes, taxis and the airport are something else. Everything is highly systematic, prostitutes get a monthly check up, you are fined for spitting in the street, chewing gum is [...]

Malaysia (Borneo)

V was slightly more positive about Borneo than J, but for both it was a bit of a non-starter. Everything had to be done as a packaged tour. To climb the mountain you have to take a guide and pay an entrance fee, even though it is a pathway the whole [...]


Our knowledge of the Philippines is limited as we got trapped in Boracay, windsurfing for two and a half weeks. This was awesome but left us only three days to explore the rest of the islands, which is just not enough time. However, from what we saw the people [...]


We spent three days in Thailand and this was enough. From what we saw there was nothing here except pikey Western tourists. Perhaps a great place to go with a load of mates if you want to get pissed up and mess about on the cheap. [...]


Laid back, quiet, largely un-exploited, rural Laos. Their capital city is better classed as a glorified village. Cross the road without looking as you can almost guarantee that nothing will be coming. Head further off and into the country and travel is slow paced due to very windy, poorly constructed roads but transport [...]

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  1. Emily Blake (Reply) on Tuesday-2, 2010

    woohoo! I am India ready if i ever need to be!
    I vote for more country reviews!

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