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Laid back, quiet, largely un-exploited, rural Laos. Their capital city is better classed as a glorified village. Cross the road without looking as you can almost guarantee that nothing will be coming. Head further off and into the country and travel is slow paced due to very windy, poorly constructed roads but transport is easy enough to arrange. If we went back to Laos I would seriously look into buying/renting a motor bike. The combination of great scenery and empty roads would make for one hell of a (safe) trip. A tourist infrastructure is on its way but compared to the rest of central Asia they are shuffling their feet and are in no hurry to catch up.

The Laos mentality is not to vexcate the spirit. This means don’t work to hard and cause stress, don’t get too upset about anything and generally chill out. A tuk-tuk man put this philosophy into practice as he very politely refused to take us somewhere because he was eating his lunch, hero.

Tubing in Laos is a million miles away from the rest of the county. It’s a booze infested river of danger and shed loads of fun. Part of me doesn’t agree with it because it is so un-Loas and is almost insulting to the people there. You feel close to embarrassed (after you’ve sobered up) to have partaken in such a booze hungry riot, but it was wicked fun. I would warn anyone going to BE CAREFUL, people get seriously hurt regularly.

Head there soon, before it turns into the next Thailand.

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