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Malaysia (Borneo) V was slightly more positive about Borneo than J, but for both it was a bit of a non-starter. Everything had to be done as a packaged tour. To climb the mountain you have to take a guide and pay an entrance fee, even though it is a pathway the whole way up. It was less of a backpackers country and more of a middle aged packaged holiday destination. So if you are more the type of person that enjoys having a guide and being shown everything for a few more coins then Borneo is a nice easy country with some beautiful landscapes. However, if you like to do and explore things for yourself then take a hop, skip and a jump over Borneo. We also went to Tioman island in Peninsular Malaysia. This was a really great place to go for a couple of days to relax. There are no cars and the pace of life is very slow. You can get a beach front bungalow, sit in a hammock, swim, snorkel, dive, fish and drink your time away in a place that feels detached from the rest of the world. Was just what the doctor ordered after India and Nepal.

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