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Our knowledge of the Philippines is limited as we got trapped in Boracay, windsurfing for two and a half weeks. This was awesome but left us only three days to explore the rest of the islands, which is just not enough time. However, from what we saw the people are beautiful, in fact they could just be the hottest race on this planet. They live for now and not for tomorrow, which is not a bad philosophy but it comes with its pros and cons. It means they are usually up for a laugh and out-going. It also means they don’t care about the future so if they can cut corners and make a quick buck now at the expense of the landscape then that is ‘ok’. If a Filipino has 11,000 peso in his pocket he probably won’t come back to work until it has run out.

As the Philippines are made up of many different islands travel speed is slow. It means booking a flight in advance (to get a cheap price) and or getting on pretty dodgy boats/ferry’s. Forward thinking and planning is required or you will have to pay through the nose. It could well be a destination we will have to revisit as there is so much more on offer.

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