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26th August London Heathrow Delhi
10th October Chennai Singapore
11th March Tokyo Sydney
26th March Sydney Christchurch
09th May Auckland Buenos Aires
19th June Caracas Mexico City

  1. Dave Wilford (Reply) on Wednesday-26, 2009

    Wow guys I think you’re in a for an amazing journey! I look forward to seeing the updates and photos! Safe travels, Dave

  2. gretchen (Reply) on Monday-7, 2009

    Hey dude!!
    WOW, you guys have an epic journey ahead of you! Wicked!! Me and Tim are heading off to Southeast asia on friday, not coming back home til the 22 oct. are u anywhere near there then? would be wicked to catch up for a beer and goss!
    Hopefully talk soon.
    Have fun out there!
    gretch x

  3. Rich wilford (Reply) on Thursday-1, 2009

    Well well well looks like you two are having an amazing time, hope the stomach is better fergs, god im glad were not in Heathwood road with you blasting the toilet, blog is amazing good effort.

    Hope all is well and take care, there are many year of more important skiing/boarding to do when your back. oh and Morzine for the season in 10 weeks if you didnt know. ha ha..

    Much love to both of you


  4. Louise (Reply) on Thursday-8, 2009


    We’re really loving the news of your travels, glad to see that you are having an amazing time. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    Loadsa of love and stuff!


  5. sophie (Reply) on Saturday-7, 2009

    very jealous!!! Love the snorkelling!!*


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